Understand Your Face Shape Before Buying Sunglasses

Published: 04th January 2012
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Sunglasses are popular fashion statements these days. Almost everyone uses them whether male, female or children. An appropriate sunglass will compliment the face and increase the personís apparel and face features.

Choosing the right sunglasses for face shape is likely to make a huge difference on the way you appear. The best frame of sunglasses will transform your best features and bring out the best in your appearance. Understanding the form of shape your face has will make selecting sunglasses frame quicker and easier.

To figure out what shape of face which you have, I suggest you have a look at yourself in the mirror when your hair is wet. This way, you will not be diverted by the volume of hair which hides the real form of your face. If you find it hard to tell, you may outline your face with a easily removed eyebrow pencil. After you have determined the shape of your face, choosing the best sunglasses is easier. Below are great tips on choosing sunglasses for various face shape types:

Oval face. This is the most ideal shape of face since it fits with most kinds of sunglasses frame. This shape of face is balanced. That's why it goes well with any varieties of sunglasses frames. The person with an oval face has a lot of possibilities such as round frames, thinner frames, rectangular frames, oval glasses- the possibilities are practically limitless. Any one of these frames can complement an oval shaped face. Trying on any of the different frames might help the individual pick the best color and style. However, individuals with oval shaped face should avoid sunglasses that are too big since this does not compliment your face shape.

Round face. Individuals with more rounded facial features want to wear sunglasses that contrast their rounded features. Donning rounded sunglasses will only not match their rounded features. The best styles of sunglasses for rounded face are those that have sharper features such as rectangular shaped sunglasses. This will create the optical illusion of length and make your face appear thinner.

Oblong face. This shape of face is lengthier than an oval face. To make the face seem shorter and more proportional, sporting rounded or square shaped sunglasses with larger or longer frames will do the trick. These sunglasses can make the face appear shorter in length. Wide and thin sunglasses also stand out for this shape of face.

Heart shaped face. This shape of face has wider forehead but smaller chin. The very best frames for this shape are oval, narrow or frames with more substantial bottom. The narrow frames can make the forehead appear smaller. Don't use sunglasses that accentuate the forehead like top-heavy styles of sunglasses.

Diamond shaped face. This shape of face is characterized by a small chin and higher cheekbones. Getting rimless or oval shaped sunglasses can compliment a diamond shaped face.

Triangle shaped face. This type of face has smaller forehead and wider chin. Do not use sunglasses that are very narrow. Rimless, uneven framed sunglasses will conceal the less flattering highlights of your face. Cat-eyes style will also flatter a triangle shaped face. They will help make your face appear more balanced.

Square shaped face. This shape form has wider forehead and equally wide jaws. To help make the square face look less harsh, using narrow sunglasses frames will be favorable. Round frames will flatter the face. Oval frames also look nice for this face type. Putting on sunglasses with square frames will only make the angles more distinct.

Choosing frames that will contrast the shape of face usually produce better results. For instance, using rectangular frames for rounded facial features may help make the face appear longer and thinner. It will likely be best if you try variations of sunglasses before choosing one. This will allow you time to choose the best. Selecting the best sunglasses for face shape brings out your best features and help boost your overall look.

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